"The artist references historical women and popular culture in order to build composites of a current ‘self.’ She channels an eclectic mix of past female powerhouses like Frida Kahlo, Queen Nefertiti, Carmen Miranda, Gelede, Catrina Calaveras, Ganesha, South Asian goddesses, Athena and Acropolis Korai, and Alice in Wonderland. The women are ecstatic, gazing at the viewer through layers of past knowledge"

- Karen Moe, SADMAG

Suzy is an Honours Graduate in Ceramics from Emily Carr University. She is inspired both visually and spiritually by Ancient and Contemporary World Cultures. To this end, she has travelled extensively throughout North America, Europe and Cambodia, attending and leading master workshops, visiting ancient sites, museums and all that is enchanting.

Suzy creates to the rhythms of jazz ,tango and opera greats from her ceramics studio in Kitsilano and painting/exhibition space at 1000 Parker Street. She offers workshops to all ages (6-94 years) from her studios, at Arts Umbrella and art/travel workshops.

Suzy's art is exhibited, published, and collected locally and internationally.

For the past decade, Suzy has focused her art practice on figurative sculptures, paintings and collages, all of which inspire and cross-reference each other.

Public and private galleries throughout Canada, USA, Japan and Europe have exhibited her artwork in numerous solo and group shows. Suzy garnered international media in 2008 when she was commissioned to create "Motion Pitchers" for the Academy Award gift bags. In addition, magazines and newspapers have featured her work. and she has often been a guest on radio and TV talking about art and performance.


My art amalgamates old world majesty with contemporary charisma: think Queen Nefertti meets Carmen Miranda or Ganesha meets Lady Gaga.I create figures, mostly women, from fired clay infused with aged and lustered surfaces. These surfaces are both fired and cold. The sculptures inspire paintings using oils, cold wax and collage. I am currently working on two series:

Ladies-Not-Waiting reference Old Master paintings: Velasquez, Fouquet, Manet, Kahlo...and Tsipora is my Hebrew name meaning Bird. This series, loosely self portraits, embrace an exotic earthiness living within the poetic imagination.

Both bodies of work address The Gaze: Looking inward Facing Outward. They speak to nesting and transcendence, the mirror and reflection, celebrating the individual and universal.