"MIA MUSE" Aug. 28 - Sept. 12, 2015!!!!

           EUROPEAN PRELUDE  - ART /TRAVEL - Crete/Athens -Aug. 22-28th

      See GALLERY PAGE for "Mia Muse" images in Athens and Skopelos Island!!


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"Suzy Birstein embraces the history and culture of the tiny Island of Skopelos Greece as she takes great care in ensuring her students experience all there is to see and do in this uniquely beautiful setting.


Studying clay sculpture and surface decoration with this wonderful artist in such beautiful surroundings facilitated not only a creatively inspiring experience, but also a restoration of mind and spirit.  I have come away with an understanding and love of Greek art, Skopelos Island and Suzy. It was an experience I shall cherish forever. "      

 Peggy Grigor (Potter)



"I cannot speak too highly of my experience with Suzy's ceramics course on Skopelos Island.  Working with clay in that magical setting overlooking the turquoise  Aegean Sea was one of the highlights of my artistic life. The people of Skopelos are welcoming and hospitable.
Your  MUSE AWAITS YOU on the green island. 
Feel free to e-mail me for more enthusiastic information." 
    Jackie Conradi-Robertson (Painter)

"Mia Muse": What's not to LOVE!?

     From the stunning setting on the Greek Isle of Skopelos to the food, people, villa, cats and local shops. I will always cherish this experience with vibrant, fun and skilled artist, Suzy Birstein, in her Ceramic Sculpture workshop at Jill and Gloria’s magnificent Skopelos Foundation of the Arts!!!"

      Shirley Phillips  (Potter)



"Never been to Greece ... never worked with clay. Yikes!    BUT....... travelling with Suzy and beholding the wonders of Athens & Delphi before we started the workshop was an amazing experience.  And just when I thought I couldn't be amazed any more we arrived in Skopelos. For two weeks we became Greek residents, the accommodations, food, people & art academy were incredible. I am an artist who works on canvas but with Suzy's direction my inner muse created some pretty awesome clay pieces.  Can't wait to go back in September 2013!"     


            Kathy Martin (painter)



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