Workshops in clay sculpture, ceramics, drawing and painting in Vancouver, and internationally since 1990.

Suzy offers a variety of workshops in her charming Kitsilano studio centred on clay, drawing and painting. She teaches children, ages 6-19 and Adults. All levels of experience are welcome.

Workshops are offered as private, semi private and groups, upon request.


Private: $75/hour
Semi-private: $90/hour (2-4 individuals)

Group: contact for rates

Mentorship Program: contact for rates

*There is a 2 hour minimum for all workshops.

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"Suzy's approach to teaching and creativity is rooted in a generous spirit, an uncanny perception of individuals, a joy of life, and a sense of humour that has made for an excellent workshop and a release of freedom of expression for all involved.

We have been given the tools, and the permission to express what we deem important, without the fear of being"found out" or laughed at and are free to be comfortable with our vulnerabilities, and feel the power of our desires. There were no hierarchies, no belittling because of inexperience, no power struggles between Art and Craft. I saw participants soaring and making real break-throughs in their thought processes because Suzy gave them the confidence to not worry about the craft, but find the solution to illustrate their desires. Suzy may be "too-cute" on the outside, but she is centred with a steel rod on the inside, an endless energy, and a source of inspiration."

- Dona Nabata

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