As a child, I studied Dance while absorbing Hollywood musicals, film noire and the mysteries of Rembrandt. As an adult, I've been seduced by the sensuality, spontaneity and intellectual activity of working with Clay, Colour and the essence of Romance. There was a wonderful synchronicity when I was commissioned to create  one of a kind ceramics for Oscar gift baskets for the Academy Award Best Actor and Director nominees!!

I graduated from ECIAD in 1980, with an Honours Diploma in  Ceramics.  

 I am inspired by the visual and spiritual impact of art from Ancient and contemporary folkloric World Cultures, particularly Mexico, Greece, India, Southeast Asia and Africa. I am forever inspired by Picasso, Modigliani, Frida Kahlo, Beatrice Wood, Busby Berkeley, Ganesha and Melanie. I create to the rhythms of Jazz, Blues, Tango, and Opera greats, particularly Frank Sinatra, Cole Porter, Tom Waits, Astor Piazola and Eartha Kitt. I have worked and taught from my home-based studio for twenty years.

My desire to "Celebrate the Everyday ­ Every Day" is expressed through my colourful hand-built Pottery. Initially, the physical construction of overlapping slabs of clay evoked figurative imagery. Eventually the stream-of-consciousness drawings on my pots beckoned to become Sculptures, which evolved into evocative and exotic Portrait Masks, double-sided "Duet" busts, multi-faceted "Spirit Bottles" complete with poetic and musical messages and the life size ceramic/mixed media figurative Muses.

I now see my imagery as a marriage of my childhood and adult influences. The Figure dominates my work. I feel compelled to create archetypal icons which embrace the power of Ancient and contemporary World cultures, overlaid with the spirit of song and dance. My work synthesizes and celebrates the interconnectedness as well as the individuality of many cultures and eras. I long to merge the power of Nefertiti with the spirit of Carmen Miranda.

Each stage of my work is a natural progression. Currently, the paintings on my pottery are inspired by the images I create as sculptures; the sculptures are often carrying my pots. I'm compelled to explore the scale and diversity of my vision by creating miniature to life size figurative sculptures accompanied by luscious and luminous oil paintings informed by these sculptures. Film, tap dancing and ball gowns entered the arena with my recent installation and video  "My DeLovely Fever"- Now showing on Media page!!